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The Team Approach
The Exit or Succession Planning Team is made up of professionals with specific areas of expertise. Of course, it all starts with the Certified Exit Planning Advisor, who is specially trained by classroom hours and experience to effectively coordinate the team members to provide the service that helps to meet the client’s goals and objectives. Team members are reminded of our mission statement to: “recommend or do whatever is in the client’s best interest …. period.”
Depending on the client goals and objectives, the Exit Planning Team intends to simulate the “due diligence” a typical buyer would exercise if contemplating a purchase. Financial documents are compiled or audited, deeds, patents and leases are analyzed and the client’s personal assets and business sale proceeds are reviewed to ensure client goals and objectives are met. Additionally, the value enhancement team looks for ways to maximize the company’s value. Other members of the group minimize the tax consequences triggered by the sale of the business.

The team approach allows the client to benefit of group thinking with all team members encouraged to make recommendations based on the actions of other team members that pertains to their area of expertise.

Team Members
Exit Planning Team Members are project specific and can include*:
CEPA / Accounting Professional (CPA) / Business Attorney / Business Valuation Professional / Business Broker or Investment Banker / Wealth Management Professional / Estate Planner / Life Insurance Professional / Value Enhancement Group (VEG) Members

*The Olin Group, LLC. is happy to work with your existing advisors whenever possible, but some members of the Exit Planning Team are, necessarily, independent 3rd party advisors who possess substantial experience in performing the functions necessary for the client to successfully transition out of their small-medium size business to meet the next challenge life has to offer.


Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Key team member and the “quarterback” of the team that ensures all members are aware of client goals, on task and all recommendations are in the best interest of the client. The CEPA directs the team regarding timing and plans meetings to keep the client apprised of progress and goal attainment. The CEPA also interacts with all members of the team to disseminate information on an as needed basis in order for the members to perform their tasks. Finally, the CEPA is responsible for one of the basic goals most exit plans include; seller satisfaction post exit.

Accounting Professional (CPA)
Key team member that can supply or review audited or compiled financial statements, review various Exit or Succession Options for tax consequences and net proceeds analysis. The Exit Planning Team CPA can typically work independently of your existing accountant and not interfere with the services they normally provide the client such as tax preparation.

Business Attorney
Key team member who reviews existing legal documents associated with the business and is specifically skilled with contract negotiations regarding mergers and acquisitions. The Exit Planning Team Business Attorney can typically perform their functions without interrupting the relationship with your existing attorney.

Business Valuation Professional
Key team member who forms an opinion of the value range of the business at the beginning of the process. Consults with owner and balance of team for specific value enhancing recommendations. Once all value enhancement recommendations have been executed a more formal valuation is performed prior to taking the business to market.

Investment Banker / Business Broker
Works with the Valuation Professional regarding value enhancements. Prepares the business for market at the end of the exit planning process, after value enhancement. Succession Planning would not require the use of a Business Broker.

Wealth Management Professiona
Team member who analyzes the client’s financial needs post exit and runs different scenarios based on different net proceeds and rates of return. The WMP also analyzes the client’s current position and suggests changes to the portfolio. The client may elect to use their existing WMP

Estate Planner
Team member who assists the CEPA in evaluating all potential Exit or Succession scenarios including Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships and other estate planning vehicles. The Business Attorney may also serve in this role.

Life Insurance Professional
Team member specializing in the use of life insurance as an exit planning tool and retaining of key employees.

Value Enhancement Group (VEG)
The VEG is comprised of the CPA, Business Attorney, Business Valuation Professional and others as necessary. Other professionals, outside of the Exit Planning Team may be consulted based on specific facts and circumstances and are always cleared with the client prior to engagement. An example of a consultant outside of the Exit Planning Team could be a Management Consultant brought in to analyze the company’s organizational structure.

The purpose of the VEG is to achieve two of the basic goals that most Exit Plans include; Maximize the value of the Business and Minimize the capital gains and estate/gift taxes.

The VEG can also be utilized for Succession Planning for training of new family management or suggest the best tactic for assuring equitable transfer to family and non-family management.







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